> Discovering cycling culture

Three different excursions are going to be offered to delegates of the European Cycling Summit on monday afternoon. Do not miss this opportunity to experience firsthand cycling culture from Salzburg!

You can book your participation in one of the excursions during the registration for the conference. Please note that places for the excursions are limited and small fees for rented bicycles may be due.
All excursions start at 15:00 and will take approximately two hours. The common destination for all excursions is Mirabell Palace, where the host city Salzburg invites delegates for a welcome reception in the famous Marble Hall.

> Cycling culture in a Smart City

The city of Salzburg strives to be a Smart City with a liveable future. Sustainable mobility, with cycling at the very core, plays a central role in the city’s Smart City strategy. In this excursion, you will see how cycling is considered in urban planning, both in newly built and renovated neighbourhoods. Discover how the city aims to integrate urban and transport planning in practice. Discuss current challenges and solutions with representatives from Salzburg’s Smart City initiative.

> High culture meets cycling culture

Salzburg’s cityscape, the old town’s skyline and the Salzburg festival are world famous. Millions of tourists are visiting the city every year. Combine your professional stay in Salzburg with a sightseeing tour in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. In this excursion you are going to see the major attractions and benefit from the short distances between them – everything is within cycling distance. Experience the unique combination of centuries-old high culture and cycling culture.

> Cycling culture on a mountain bike

Cycling safety is determined by adequate infrastructure and the cyclist’s technical abilities. No matter where and when you cycle, knowing a few technical tricks might prevent you from crashes and physical harm. Members from the local mountainbike club Koppl (www.mountainbikers.at) would like to share their technical know-how and invite delegates from the European Cycling Summit to participate in a mountainbike training session with Lisa Mitterbauer,  professional cross country worldcup rider.
Participants are obliged to wear helmets in this excursion.