> Celebrating cycling culture

Salzburg, one of the major cultural hot spots in Central Europe, was dedicated to all facets of cycling during the European Cycling Summit 2018. The overall topic Cycling Culture Moves was reflected in every part of the program. In up to three parallel session tracks various aspects of cycling culture were discussed. Additionally, workshops and several side events took place during these days.

All relevant information about the European Cycling Summit and a detailed version of the program can be found in the program booklet (4 MB). Alternatively, refere to the compact program overview.

Prior to the European Cycling Summit, we invited the community to submit their contributions to the best photo-/video competition. All submissions are summarized in this video clip:

The first prize, a bike-weekend in Saalbach, sponsored by Salzburg Land Tourism, was awarded to this contribution: https://www.instagram.com/p/BnsckOXB-Ay/?hl=de&taken-by=helios_bz.

Cycling Summit Salzburg, September 26 2018, Congress-Haus
Cycling expert Günther Innerebner (Helios Bolzano) and program director Dr. Martin Loidl (right)

Further prizes, cycling backpacks, sponsored by Salzburg Land Tourism, went to: