Salzburg Congress
Auerspergstraße 6
5020 Salzburg

Your journey to Salzburg

Thanks to Salzburg’s central location you can travel environmentally friendly to the European Cycling Summit 2018 by train. The conference venue is within walking distance from the main station. Emission-free public transport directly connects the venue with Salzburg airport and the main station:

A bike rental will be available during the European Cycling Summit 2018. You can make your reservation during the registration process. Salzburg is a cycling-friendly city with short distances between major sights – plan your trip and enjoy your ride.


Several hotels and B&Bs are located within walking distance to the venue.

We recommend the following hotels:

* certified with the Austrian Ecolabel UZ200.

Green Meeting

It is our „green vision“ to organize the European Cycling Summit 2018 according to the principles of environmental compatibility and sustainability. With our activities we want to contribute to a world where people deal responsibly with our ecosystem, and our natural and human resources. We intend to undertake measures that contribute to the protection of our environment and climate. You are invited to contribute actively to the protection of our environment; please note our “green tips”!

Green Location

The venue of the European Cycling Summit 2018 is certified as  Green Location by the Austrian Ecolabel. This unique location invites you to linger on with its direct access to green spaces and short distances to central facilities and major sights.